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Technological requirements of Silk Clothing-Part I

Due to the high shrinkage of silk fabric, it is necessary to pre-shrink the fabric before cutting. Otherwise, the size of the finished silk garment will shrink and become smaller after washing, and the shape will change greatly, sometimes it can't be wear again.

The following two treatment methods are normally adopted in manufacturing:

For bulk production, silk fabrics should be pre-shrink by steam and dry before cutting.

For several or single piece samples, soak the fabric in water firstly. Time should not be for too long to avoid color staining with each other, about 10-20 minutes is enough. Then hang the fabric in a cool and ventilated place, air dry naturally, iron the REVERSE side of the fabric.

When pressing tussah silk fabric, water spraying should be avoided to protect from water stains.

The temperature should be controlled at about 120℃ during ironing. Normally, we iron the backside, when we need to iron the front side, we put a white colored fabric in front of it, which can avoid iron-shine.

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