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Technological requirements of Silk Clothing-Part Ⅲ


A. Requirements of cut pieces

The main parts of the silk garment and the left and right symmetrical parts and components must be accurately marked, especially the front pocket, front and back neckline, neck corner, and the midpoint of the sleeve mountain. The left and right parts must be symmetrical, and no error is allowed. Otherwise, the silk fabric will twist and show a poor appearance.

B. Machine debugging

Before sewing mulberry silk fabric, we debug the machine appropriately. The pressure of the machine foot must be adjusted to the minimum. The tightness of the upper and lower line must be moderate, the line trace should be even and straight, the needle code should not be too dense, and the stitching should be a little larger.

Any failure to meet the requirements will result in fabric wrinkling, seam broken, and stitching uneven and unstraight, which will affect the quality of the silk cloth.

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